How to Install Attic Insulation

attic spray foam insulation in tallahasseeIf you want to install insulation in your attic for a more comfortable living space and lower energy bills, here are some considerations.

Two good choices for insulation material for your attic are loose-fill and batt (blanket) insulation. Both of these choices can be installed in an uninsulated attic or laid over existing material.

Loose-fill (blown-in) insulation. Fibers are packed in bags and then blown into your attic to the optimum denseness and depth. Loose-fill insulation is commonly used in open attics and requires special equipment to do the job properly. Blown-in fiberglass insulation creates one thermal blanket and can easily be added to tight corners. This is the most common method used to insulate an attic.

Batt insulation. This material is flexible and comes in rolls with various thicknesses and standard industry widths. Batt insulation is available with or without facing (paper or foil) which acts as a vapor barrier. One or more layers are applied to obtain the desired level of insulation.

For best results, fix any water sources such as roof leaks and seal air leaks before installing insulation in your attic. Make sure any light fixtures are covered prior to installation so the insulation product does not come into direct contact with the lighting. Direct all exhaust vents and fans to the outside to expel humid air and prevent mold growth. Be sure the installed insulation does not cover soffit vents which will inhibit air flow.

Hire a professional insulation expert to install insulation in your attic. Our experts at Allweather Insulation will help you choose the correct insulation product and make sure installation is done correctly.

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