How to Get More Use Out of Your Bonus Room

wall and ceiling spray foam insulation services in tallahasseeMany Florida homes have a bonus room over the garage. Oftentimes, bonus rooms are rarely used because the room is too hot. Why waste great square footage when proper insulation can help?

The way to manage the temperature in a bonus room is to insulate the roofline and the floor (aka the garage ceiling) with open cell spray foam. Installing spray foam insulation adds proper R-value to prevent heat transfer.

Open cell spray foam insulation also seals air leaks, eliminating penetration points through which hot, humid Florida air can enter. We recommend that all new home builders and new home customers insulate their homes with spray foam insulation – and bonus rooms in particular.

If you want to enjoy your new bonus room, call us today to discuss spray foam insulation! Don’t waste this great square footage due to improper insulation. Contact Allweather Insulation today!

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