How to Avoid Storm Scams

Large flashes of lightning against a purplish night sky.It happens far too often when an area is hit by a severe storm—unscrupulous contractors come to town. Con artists often show up at a homeowner’s door after a disaster, offer an array of services and often require a hefty down payment. These fly-by-night operators set up temporary offices so they can move on quickly when authorities start looking for them.

Here are some tips to avoid home repair scams:

  • Get the name and address of the company that the person claims to represent.
  • Get all details of the offer in writing and review it carefully. Be sure you understand everything in the contract and make sure it includes any verbal promises.
  • Determine how long the company has been in business and call organizations with which the contractor is affiliated (such as area trade associations) to determine the firm’s legitimacy.
  • Ask for references and contact each one.
  • Remember any legitimate company that wants your business will be willing to allow you time to do your homework. Don’t fall prey to high pressure tactics such as: This is the only chance you’ll have.

Homeowners should be especially skeptical if the company:

  • Comes to your door unsolicited.
  • Uses high pressure sales tactics.
  • Requests full payment before completing the work.
  • Provides a post office box without a street address or phone number.
  • Promises to begin and complete the work more quickly and cheaply than any other company.
  • Says they just finished work on your neighbor’s house and have just enough materials to do repair work on yours. They might say they can give you a better bargain if you let them do the work today since they have the supplies now.

Local trade organizations are great sources for homeowners seeking a professional, trustworthy contractor. If you’re looking for a qualified local insulation contractor, contact Allweather Insulation.

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