Breathe Easier: Air Seal Your Home!

woman blowing nose due to indoor allergiesFlorida residents enjoy warm temps for most of the year. Who doesn’t love that? Allergy sufferers!

Did you know that by sealing your home’s air leaks, you can reduce indoor air pollutants?

Most homes are not properly air sealed and have penetration points around the exterior. These penetration points are commonly found around recessed lighting, windows, vents and anywhere else where there is a hole in the home’s exterior. Damp, pollen-filled air can infiltrate your home through these penetration points and have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

Sealing air leaks helps keep outside air (and outside pollutants) out of your home. In addition to reduced allergens and better indoor air quality, sealing air leaks helps maintain your home’s indoor temperature and can reduce your energy bills!

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