Fireplace Installation in Tallahassee

The Allweather team installs fireplaces in homes throughout the region. Our trained installers stay up to date on proper installation techniques so you know your fireplace is being installed properly. We offer all styles of fireplaces so you can find exactly what you are looking for to complement your home and decor.


Our fireplace products:

Wood Burning

  • These units are the closest replicas of those that are built by masons. The flue system is required to vent vertically. Most units have the ability to be plumbed with an optional gas line for a log lighter.
  • Available in this category are air cooled indoor, air cooled outdoor, and EPA compliant units.

Gas – Direct Vent

  • These units are design-friendly and convenient. They are capable of venting horizontally and when desired are ignited by a wall switch or remote control.
  • Available in this category are: traditional (logs) or contemporary (crushed glass or smooth pebbles) in a typical direct vent chassis and the contemporary linear design.

Gas – Vent-Free

  • These units are known for being very efficient, as they don’t lose heat through a flue system. The lack of a required flue system also results in a lower cost installation. All vent-free products are equipped with an Oxygen Depletion System for safety. Common locations for vent-free units are outdoor rooms or basements where a flue chase is not an option.
  • Vent-free gas fireplaces can include logs or fireboxes in which logs are later selected.

Gas – Log Sets

  • These combinations (burner and log) are often installed to update a masonry unit in existing homes. When accompanied with a firebox selection, the trio is also a popular choice for newly constructed residences.
  • Available in this category are: front-view or see-through burners and logs in vented or vent-free designs for indoor or outdoor applications.


  • These units are often selected when venting is considered problematic or when gas is unavailable. With their clean heat and track record of safe operation, they are often chosen for high rise or multifamily construction projects.
  • Available in this category are traditional (logs) and contemporary (crushed glass).

For more information on the fireplaces we offer visit Superior Fireplaces and American Hearth by Empire Comfort Systems. Or contact us for a free estimate today.

Fireplace Idea Gallery

American Hearth Ceramic Fiber Trenton Log Set and Vent-Free Burner Combination
American Hearth Refractory Concord Log Set and Vent-Free Burner Combination
American Hearth Renegade 50 with TruFlame Technology (DVCT50CBP)
linear gas fireplace in dining room
Fireplace in airy living room
Modern linear gas fireplace
Superior Direct-Vent Fireplace - Traditional - Multi-Sided
Direct vent gas fireplace
Superior Electric Fireplace - Traditional - Front Open
Superior Electric Fireplace - Contemporary - Linear
Mossy Oak Gas Log Set
Wood burning rustic fireplace
Wood burning stone fireplace
Tall fireplace in bedroom
modern gas fireplace
Living room with fireplace

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